Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Musings ...

Yesterday was a very good day. It was our new Associate Pastor's first Sunday, which made it a very good day all by itself. There was a pretty good spirit throughout the time of singing and prayer. There was a pretty good feeling of anticipation in the place before the service even started. We had a new guy playing in the worship band, which was really cool. I love seeing people get plugged into ministry. The message asked the question of whether you are living for self or for others? Is your love reserved for you and your desires, or does it go out to others? We examined John 15:9-17. We looked at how to love like Christ loves us and to make sure we do not keep it to ourselves. I shared the Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers' motto, "So Others May Live". I asked what their personal motto was and whether or not those around them would say that they are living that motto? The Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers motto is a pretty good motto for believers and churches to live by.

We had good attendance in the morning service, much higher than we had on Father's Day. In the evening we had a welcome reception for our new Associate and family. We had great attendance and good food. He took any youth who attended out for ice cream after the reception and he had a lot of them show up. That is a very good sign as to his early connections with the youth.

A very good day indeed.


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