Thursday, June 25, 2009

Moving ...

Our new Associate and family moved in on Tuesday evening! It got me thinking about the joy and pain in the rear that is moving. I can speak as bit of an expert in this area. In my adult life I have moved many times, 16 I think. In fairness 8 of those were during college years and 3 of those after college were in the same town or area. But, it means I (and my beautiful and talented wife) have done the move thing a few times.

Yes, I can look at moves as a joy. My personality allows for me to look at each move as a new adventure and the chance to meet a bunch of new people. Both of those things are very exciting to me. But even with all that excitement, moving can be a real pain. The sorting, the packing, the loading, and if moving from the area the goodbyes. The unloading and unpacking are part of the adventure side of things.

Recent activities around us has led to some speculation and rumors in our community that we were moving. My daughter and son in law's move from our home to their new place, and the uhaul sitting in our driveway led to some rumors and our new Associate came a couple of weeks ago with a small uhaul trailer to bring some hard to pack things led to some more rumors. That has been somewhat humorous to handle.

So our new Associate and family are busy unpacking and trying to settle into their new place and soon into the new role in our ministry. I am excited to have them here and excited to watch them transition into this new adventure.

I am finding this going through a move vicariously much easier than actually moving.


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