Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Morning Musings ...

What a fun day yesterday. At least some of it was fun and I am working on my attitude therefore it was a fun day no matter what you think. But you think it was a fun day as well, don't you? Yesterday several of our youth shared in the ministry and we received a special offering for them as they head toward a great event to share their talents. We had 3 of them sing special songs, 2 played piano solos, others displayed artwork, photography or creative writing. Some of them will be participating in athletic events, so rather than have them shoot hoops, spike a volleyball, run around the worship center or bowl down the aisles they were ushers and greeters. It added a certain energy to the morning. Some of it was not unusual at all as we have 1 or 2 youth on our worship team nearly every Sunday. I love that about our church.

The spirit was pretty good in the service, the attendance was very good, though people were not as engaged as they often are, it was still a good time as we sang and were ministered to by the youth specials. I continued my series on "The Lies We Believe" using Titus 3:3-8 as the foundation. The lie we looked at this week was "I have to understand it all to live it". I hear this one often, both in and out of the church. Those who do not claim to be followers of Christ say it as a reason they are not following and those who claim to be followers say it as a reason why they are not moving forward. This results in people not accepting the truth because they don't understand or know it all. Yet there are so many things in life we use and accept without understanding or complete knowledge. From medicine, to cars, to electricity, to our NCAA March Madness brackets we rarely allow our incomplete understanding to stop us from participation. Another result is when believers say they are going to stay right where they are until God shows them everything about the next step. So where is faith? What is staying put is more dangerous than the next step? I could go on and on about this one but I know you would not read it all. The truth is Christ appeared and showed his love to us and Christ has called to you and said "follow me". But Christ doesn't leave us hanging on this following stuff, he also promised to never leave us. That is not a guarantee that there will be not problems or dangers, but that he will not leave us no matter what we face. I love the promise at the end of Titus 3:8, "These things are excellent and profitable for everyone."

In what ways do you see this lie around you? Have you believed this lie recently? So what will you do now?

The Lord woke me about 2 am on Sunday and impressed this message upon me, I had another one prepared. So I made the change, it is his message after all not mine. That meant no notes up on the screens. I did type up a new outline for people to fill in and follow. The old teacher in me just can't help it. I tried to really share my heart and burden for those of us who claim to be followers of Christ to really be following his direction. To quit making so many excuses and really take it to heart and live it out. Not just a saying, not just a nod of the head, but living it out in our homes, our work places, our schools, our neighborhoods and communities. I never feel that I really share my burden adequately, but I keep trying. (see my previous post)

Sunday evening in my group was a great time of study and discussion. I wrapped up the study on marriage relationships. We dealt with forgiveness and restoration. It was a really open and meaningful study and discussion that did not stop until well after the group time was over. I really enjoyed it.

You can see there were a lot of fun things about Sunday. It did have it's battles and I had to really fight against the distractions. The distractions were important and need to be dealt with, but I did not want them to derail the day.

Here's hoping you will really choose to follow Christ, his words and his will for your life and live it wherever God has placed you.


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