Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Random Thoughts ...

Since my last several posts have rather heavy, and have worried some people and even caused more than a few wonder "who is he ticked at?" (see post on What's the Difference?) I thought some random thoughts were overdue.

*Wow that opening sentence was long.
*I love March Madness. Our family does a big contest picking all the games. Even those who married in and don't follow college basketball are required to participate. It was in their wedding vows. 3 of my grandkids participated last year.
*I am loving the warmer weather. Winter is a favorite season of mine, but when March arrives it is time for it to be gone.
*Looking forward to going fishing and golfing.
*Especially looking forward to fulfilling 2 Christmas gifts. One for a day of fishing with my second oldest grandchild and the other, 18 holes of golf with my oldest grandchild.
*Fantasy Baseball draft is less than 2 weeks away. It is always a highlight night for the year. Can't wait to see old friends, trash talk, make fun of each other, eat junk food and draft a team that will kick their tails. All in love of course.
*Not liking a cat that has decided a bush by our front porch is home, which means out door litter box. I wonder if the cat knows I have a shotgun. Just kidding!
*Looking forward to attending some track meets to see some of my volleyball girls, and kids from our youth group, run.
*Looking forward to watching some softball and baseball played by the above group as well.
*I think I need a vacation.
*I think I can't take a vacation for a while.
*I think you don't care about my vacation.
*I think I think too much sometimes.
*Looking forward to watching basketball games until my eyes bleed this weekend.
*I love my wife. She is awesome.We will celebrate anniversary #35 this year.
*When did weather forecasters become stars?
*I am a Cubs fan. Maybe this is the year. Don't worry I am in therapy.
*I am looking forward to doing a lot of grilling. Come on over I love to grill for people. (You don't know where I live? Good point.)
*Is anyone else thinking of converting their car to run on cooking grease from restaurants?
*The Colts lost? You have got to be kidding me! I think I blocked that out.
*Next week I will attend a ceremony where my Uncle will be inducted into the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame. That is going to be awesome. If he were still here he might be speechless, which would be a big deal. I believe it is overdue and certainly well deserved. My Aunt is going to be so proud. So am I.
*If long distance calls on cell phones are free why is my bill so high?
*I married way out of my league. Don't laugh you probably did too.
*I have 2 more grandkids on the way. One is due the in less than a month. The other does not have a due date yet, the adoption process is still underway.
*I am never sure if people are really listening when I preach or if they have just learned to nod and sleep with their eyes open.
*As long as this list of thoughts has become I bet some of you agree that I think too much at times, like right now.
*I love spicy food.
*I am really hungry.
*I think, there I go again, that I will end this list now.

Have a great day!


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