Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Following ... really?

I am really wrestling with how those of us who call ourselves followers of Christ work so hard at not actually following Him. Think about it, we read His words and see His example and then argue about how it doesn't really apply to us. I am trying to figure out how you follow Christ without following Him. Can you explain that one to me?

Some time ago I read that nearly all Christians desire to serve Christ and His Church, but only in an advisory capacity.

Let me ask the question again, the one I have been hearing in my heart for a while, What if Jesus really meant all that stuff He said?

Can you really follow Christ without following His words and His example? I can't figure out how it can be done. Can you?

Wouldn't our energy be more wisely used just following Him and His words? Rather than working so hard to figure out how to follow without following? Or, how to follow while ignoring His words?


At 11:36 AM, Blogger Tim Morris said...

What is to follow Christ? Christians are not burdened with following Christ as much as we are burdened with Church visions and building projects. Maintaining buildings as a monument of how the great the church is or was.
No mater what a Christian does it is the churches job to point out that it is not enough. We don't pray enough, read enough we're not nice enough, and if we don't live it right the blood of everyone we meet and their eternal damnation is on our hands.
What if following Christ meant loving others and helping those in need without judgment? What if following Christ meant more than the right praise band and the best show in town? What if we canceled church Sunday and went out and touched others, loved them? We go to Churches to "feel God". Feel him in the music and in the sermon. It isn't a good service unless we see what reprobates we are and how we must be sorry for our very existence. And we step over the homeless an the way there. We rebuke the pregnant teen having McDonalds Sunday instead of church and say pompous comments like "if she had only come to God"
Yet Christ said what you have done to the least of these you have done to me. That tells me that Christ isn't at Church but in those we pass to get there.
Mother Teresa said we don't feed the hungry because we are like Christ, we feed them because they are Christ.
And isn't that what Jesus said?
Serving the church and serving and serving Christ are not the same thing.
If Christ meant what he said and we did it we wouldn't have established a new book that like the old one no one can live up too. We wouldn't have established rules to measure holiness. We would live with and share our lives with lepers, thieves and prostitutes, all the time pointing the way to Christ.
Churches are for potlucks and music, A safe place to judge others from and feel relieved we didn't end up like THAT sinner over there.
Following Christ? That happens someplace else.
So what is to "actually follow" Christ? Sell everything you have and give it to the poor? That will never catch on.


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