Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Testing ...

I recently had to renew my driver's license. In the routine of renewing you must take an eye test. I skipped the first part of the test and just told the lady that I need my glasses or contacts. So she moved me to the second part and tested my vision with while I was wearing my glasses. I passed the test, perfectly as I far I could tell, by the way.

That test was easy. No studying, no stress, no wondering about the outcome and it took very little time. It didn't mess with my schedule or emotions.

Not all testing is that simple. Especially the testing of our faith. When we face situations that shock us, that cause stress and that hurt us, that testing is far from simple.

How do you handle the tests you face? For my eye test I was confident that with my glasses I would pass. Because I had been tested before and passed. Also, because on a daily basis I had no trouble seeing what I need to see. As for testing of my faith shouldn't the same principles apply? Has my faith been tested before? Has my faith passed the test in the past? That question is the hard one isn't it?

Here is the good news. If my faith is in Jesus Christ then I can have confidence about the testing. Because He has not failed and on a daily basis He comes through. I must still exercise my faith, I must make sure I don't switch things up and put my faith in myself. I must remember that now matter what God is still God.

Here's hoping you are passing the tests you face today.


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