Thursday, August 27, 2009

More Than a Slogan ...

This year the volleyball team that I coach has adopted a slogan for the season. Well actually the 2 Senior Captains and I selected a slogan and presented it to the team as we began our practices and tryouts. The slogan is "We>Me" (We is greater than me.)

This slogan means that the team's stats matter more than any individual's stats. That what is best for the team should be the goal of each person on the team.

It is a great slogan. But it is much easier to say and wear on your t-shirt than it is to live out on the court. I am not having trouble with anyone going against the slogan, but I have been thinking about my role in fulfilling this slogan as the coach.

I realize that some of what it means for me is that on a daily basis, at practice, I need to keep the whole team in mind as I plan and lead. I also need to keep reminding my girls of our slogan and what it means for each of us.

Then I started thinking of where else this slogan could be used. As a pastor I naturally thought of the church. I believe this is a great slogan for a church. To remember and live out the we is greater than me idea makes sense for the church. It would mean that I need to keep asking "What's best for the body (the whole congregation)?" instead of what do I want.

What if you lived out this slogan in your church? What if you lived it in your home and with your family? What if you worked it at your place of employment?

I wonder if my girls realize just how big this slogan really could be?


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