Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday Morning Musings ...

The end of summer often produces some rough Sundays, with people getting in their last vacations and others shifting around to fill in and people often being tired or distracted. Yesterday started out as one of those rough days, but fortunately God never has a rough day.

Our time of worship was okay as far as the congregation participating but the Spirit just kept pouring it on anyway. Humanly we were not at our best, but God certainly showed that He is not dependent upon our abilities. If we are available He will come through. We had some of up front people not feeling well and had some technical problems, but I can't emphasize enough that God was present and in control. His control always works better than our skills.

The message was rough. I was really struggling spiritually all morning, a lot warfare going on. It was the second message in the series "Characters of Faith" from Hebrews 11. We examine Abel and Enoch and what they were commended for regarding their faith. Abel for his sacrificial, God first, giving his best offering and Enoch for walking with God and pleasing God as a result. We looked at the contrasts of those around them, Cain just offered some of what he had instead of his best. The times that Enoch lived were times growing wickedness of the people leading toward Noah and the flood. We asked ourselves whether we are giving our best to God and giving to Him first. Also, whether we are truly walking with God, or just walking on our own. Their very a few who came to altar though I did not make any plea for that, isn't God good? Those people were listening to God instead of me, that is awesome.

Sunday evening we had a great time of discussion going deeper on the principles from the morning's sermon.

Here's hoping you are waling in sync with God today and giving Him the best of what He has already given you.


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