Tuesday, July 14, 2009

When it hurts ...

I have been thinking about hurting a lot recently. Maybe it is because I hurt my legs trying to play softball. (Note to self the legs don't work they same as they did 30 years ago.) But I think it is because of how many people I have spoken with, heard from or read about who are really hurting. Usually the hurts are not as much physical as they are emotional. Sometimes they have been things out of their control and sometimes they have been somewhat self-inflicted. Either way it still hurts.

I have ached as I have read, heard or conversed about their hurts. In some cases I have tried to give encouraging and hopeful counsel and in some others I am not in that position in the person's life. In many of the cases I have wished I could just make it go away for them but then I awaken to the reality that I don't have that ability. How would that be for a super power? But I also know that we often learn much during times of hurting.

My prayer is that they will sense and know God's presence, grace and strength as they face their hurts. That they would have someone, I am willing in most cases, to listen and really care for them. That they would depend on God fully. That they would not become bitter or withdrawn as a result of the hurt. That they would be able to see someone else in need and reach out to them, this is such a healing step. That I would be who I should be for them, not what they want me to be but who they need me to be.

So to the hurting, you are not alone and you are not forgotten.


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