Saturday, August 15, 2009

Contrasts ...

Many things in all of our lives are in sharp contrast to other connected things or events. Today I had one of those events. I preached a funeral today, I also preached a funeral last Saturday. Last Saturday was a double funeral, today a single. Last week had over 300 in attendance, today 30. Last week was a young father and son, today was a 70 year old. Last week the deaths were the result of a tragic fire, today was the result of the dreaded word cancer. Last week involved guys who had lived here for many years, today was a man who had lived here for 5 months. Last week had a song by Ted Nugent, today had "In the Garden".

There were also many similarities. Both involved grieving spouses left behind who are trying to figure out how life will continue. Both left behind children, or step-children who don't yet know what it all means. Both had good friends who will miss them greatly. Both involved guys who loved the outdoors. Both leave a hole in their families and in our community.

I was struck today by the realization that we just don't know when or how we will leave this life. We must be ready. It is important to have good relationships and to make amends while we are able. The most important relationship is with Jesus Christ. I was struck by the fact that if you live a generous life, helping others, you leave a lasting impact. I hope I don't have another funeral next Saturday.

Here's hoping you are making an impact and that you have people around you that are having a positive impact on your life.


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