Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Vacation recap ...

Our vacation was awesome. What did we do? Very little and it was great. Someone generously allowed us to use their little camping trailer. We camped just a few minutes from home at a nice campground with a lake, some trails and a calm atmosphere. We could look out over the lake from our campsite. We walked down to the lake and took a chair and fished off the shore. We fished a lot, read a lot, slept a lot, played games and enjoyed each other's company.

We didn't catch a lot of fish and caught more catfish than anything else, even with a worm and bobber. The weather, other than some wind, was absolutely gorgeous. We camped there for 10 days, came home a couple of times, I had a couple of volleyball open gyms, my wife had a meeting she wanted to go to and she did some laundry on one of those trips. I read 5 novels, many chapters in the Bible and a lot of a couple of other books. One book on grace and one dealing with Darwin's Black Box, so nice light reading.

My wife crushed me in Skip Bo most times, I held my own in Yahtzee and Farkle. It was exactly we needed.

Then we went to visit our grandkids and their parents. We spent 3 nights there and celebrated 2 of our grandkids birthdays. We got to go to church with them and even attend their small group even though we were way older than all of them. Played with the grandkids and enjoyed just being in their presence. We met a pastor and wife that we are friends with for breakfast. We took our time getting home, even stopped and went to a nice mall that my wife enjoys.

A 2 week vacation where I miss 2 Sundays in a row was exactly what we needed. Things went well here, and that gives my confidence to maybe take most of my allotted vacation time instead what I usually do, in leaving half of it on the table.

Here's hoping you find something refreshing to do this week.


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