Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Happy Day ...

Today is the anniverary of my birth. Therefore it is a happy day. Most people call it a birthday, but my actual birthday was more than 50 years ago, 54 to exact. So I am choosing to call it a happy day, because I am happy to still be celebrating this anniversary and happy that I am aware of it as well. At least in my reality I think I am aware, if I am not please do not tell me because then it wouldn't be a happy day. Thank you for your cooperation.

To celebrate I having staff meeting this morning, volleyball practice later in the day and participating in my Fantasy Football draft tonight. I believe that is a full day, considering that in between all of the above events I will be studying, talking with people, planning and other stuff.

On Sunday my congregation presented me with a card and a gift card to Bass Pro Shops. That made me very happy. Now I can get a new fishing tackle box without feeling guilty for spending the money. That makes me very happy.

So, Happy Day to me and all the others out there who happen to have been born on my happy day.

Here's hoping you have a happy day no matter when you were born.


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