Thursday, September 03, 2009

Questions ...

I love questions. I have always liked questions. At least I have always liked asking questions. As a kid and a student I was always questioning things. I haven't asked, which is ironic given my love of questions, my Dad whether I drove he and my mom crazy with questions as I was growing up. But I know that more than a few teachers, leaders and friends have wondered about my love of questions.

What many people have never realized about me is that I constantly ask myself many more questions than I ever ask others. I am constantly questioning myself and asking questions on how to do things better. I love to evaluate, that requires questions followed by answers of course.

Here some questions I have been asking recently:

Am I living up to the potential God desires of me?
What should I be focusing on in my personal relationship with Christ?
How can I communicate God's Word, and His vision, better to my congregation?
How can live more compassionately?
What does a life fully committed to Christ look like where I live?
Who is hurting that I am not noticing?
Why can't the Cubs get to the World Series?
How has "Big Brother" lasted this long on TV? (Hey I didn't say all the questions were deep?)
How can show my grandchildren that a life lived for Christ is worth it?
What should we quit doing at church?
What should we start doing at church?
Is there a way to not mow the lawn and not have it get too long?
Is there a way to eat "Buster Bars" from DQ without gaining weight?
Why do I struggle with journaling when I want to do it?
How can show my wife how much I love her on a daily basis?
How can I better express appreciation to all the people who sacrifice so much in our church?
How did the weather report become the most important thing on the news shows?
How old is Regis?
Does anybody care about these questions?

Here's hoping you are still asking questions, and finding some answers.


At 3:56 PM, Blogger Shelley said...

Your questions made me laugh and think. Here's one suggestion - computer journal. That's what I do. I am much better at typing my thoughts than writing them.


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