Sunday, September 06, 2009

Anticipation ...

Anticipation is a powerful thing. It can keep a young child awake with delight the night before Christmas (a few adults are awake that night as well, usually putting toys together and wrapping presents). It can make more than a few us giddy and giggling (I would never admit this personally) as we await the arrival of loved ones we haven't seen in a while. It has been known to produce pacing, hand rubbing, spontaneous bursts of somewhat incomprehensible words and many other strange rituals.

Yes, anticipation is a powerful thing. What have you been anticipating? Do you have some memorable anticipation moments, or events from the past?

So today I choose to look forward with anticipation. I choose to expect something great to happen today. I know that it might not, but what if it does? What if it does and miss it because I wasn't even looking for it?

It is true that sometimes the anticipation of an event is greater than the event itself. It happens where the event just doesn't live up to your anticipation of the event. But I still prefer to anticipate, because the alternative is to be pessimistic, or even worse have no feelings, in advance of events.

Anticipation is a powerful thing. What are you anticipating? How different will the events of this day impact you if you would just look forward with anticipation?


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