Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Love Story continued ...

The next day arrived and I realized that I should let my parents know that I was now engaged. I hadn’t really thought that part through, so I thought it only fair to let them I was going to get married and that they would have another daughter in law. Now I knew that they really liked Jody so I wasn’t worried about their reaction as far as she was concerned. But I had never done this before, so I was a little nervous, but mainly I was I pumped to tell the news. They were on vacation in Florida staying with some friends and had given me the number in case of emergency. (To my grandchildren, realize this was before cell phones so I couldn’t call them directly.) I considered waiting until they got back home, but I didn’t want to wait and I knew that someone from college would tell their parents who would likely ask my parents about it. Therefore, I concluded that I should call without delay.

I placed the call and found out from the friends that they were out on a trip for the day. The only message I left for them was to call me as soon as possible. Evidently that freaked out their friends. So as soon as my parents returned they told them that they needed to call me asap and the friends were all worried. When asked what they thought I had called about, my Dad in usual calm manner simply said, “Either he had an accident with the car or he got engaged.” Very perceptive man, my Dad. Those of you who know my Dad can just see him saying this can’t you? With that mischievous grin dancing across his face.

The call came and I shared the news. My parents congratulated me/us. Then asked some practical questions like when the wedding might be, etc… I hadn’t really thought about these questions very much, I was still enjoying the glow of just becoming engaged. At the next basketball practice Coach Wilson called me aside and asked if what he heard was true, was I engaged? I answered yes. He nodded and said “Okay. Do you know when?”. I did not have a good practice that day as I now pondered the practical side of my being engaged.

When I met Jody that evening, I said I guess we have to figure some things out. Such as when we would get married, where we would get married and then whatever goes into getting married. I had no clue what was involved in planning a wedding. I often reflect on my ignorance when I sit down with newly engaged couples who have asked me to do their wedding. I sometimes see that stunned look cross the face of one of them and do my best to stifle knowing smile.

I soon discovered that life as an engaged person was somewhat different than just dating. Such as …


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