Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Love Story continued ...

Our relationship was moving full steam ahead at this point. It was soon to be obvious that this was who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, but of course there were still a few more adventures before I acted on that fact. Such as …Christmas break which came a few weeks after we got back from Thanksgiving break. We each went our separate way to our own homes. We managed to delay our trips home briefly, but we ended up a few hours from each other. This was a big test. The college life is not real life, you are in such a tight environment, you see each other a lot and there are many things that are more optional than required. This leads to being able to see each other almost at your whim, but life outside of that is not so easy.

Our Christmas break was 5 weeks, if memory serves me correctly. This was our first lengthy time away from each other. Now remember we had no cell phones and no email. (Hey I have admitted to being old already) So we were left to letters and long distance phone calls for which you had to pay extra. If you know either my wife or myself you know that the letter thing was not going to happen too much, so that left the phone. I had learned while still in high school that long distance phone calls to girlfriends were expensive and they came out of my pocket.

The old saying is that “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. I don’t know if that is always true, but I do know that I was not fond of the absence. What this time did prove to me was that Jody was the person that I loved and that I didn’t want this kind of absence again. What I missed was seeing her and spending time with her, it was all the little things. It wasn’t the dates, it was just the time being near each other. This was a great and painful time. We were able to see each other for a few days during this time and she spent some time at my house and with some of my family. See already knew my brother and his family, because at that time he was living in the town in which we attended college. He liked it because he got some free babysitting out it, well if you don’t count the food I ate whenever we babysat. Come to think of it maybe he would have been money ahead to pay a babysitter.

We returned from Christmas break and things just started moving forward, but not without a faux glitch on the horizon. It looked like a glitch, but sometimes looks can be deceiving.


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