Friday, January 07, 2011

2010 Highlights

In August we did our annual outdoor Baptismal service. We were at a member's home and did the baptizing in their pond. The weather was sunny and hot, in other words beautiful for baptism. We had 4 young people who were baptized. I love outdoor baptisms. There is just something uniquely special about them.

We sang a few songs. I shared about the meaning of baptism. Then each of the people shared their personal testimony and reason for getting baptized now. I love hearing the tesitmonies. Often I know most of the testimony, but I always learn something new. I love watching the families of those getting baptized. They go through a series of emotions. Pride, humbled, impressed, encouraged and just plain beaming with joy.

I love the expression of each of the people's faces as they walk into the water. It is always mixture of excitement, fear and joy. The fear is rarely deep fear, more of a "How cold is the water?", and "How long will you hold me under?" Then the best part is the look on their faces as they come up out of the water. They are grateful to be up from being under the water and then there is the most awesome picture of joy and accomplishment. I am smiling as I type this and am remembering that day.

When we are finished we have a picnic and have some great conversations and fellowship. I also love watching those who were baptized as they are greeted by their family members, and then by others in the church. I enjoy standing back and watching all of this interaction. It is really a picture of intimate fellowship. I don't get to see that often enough so I make sure I don't miss watching it.

This was one of the best ministry highlights of the year.


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