Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday Morning Musings ...

Yesterday was a very good day. Sometimes the Sunday after Christmas day is a difficult day and more so when it is literally the day after Christmas. We had our challenges yesterday, but people really stepped up and overcame with great attitudes. The great attitudes probably had a lot to do with why they overcame the challenges so well.

The first thing that stood out about yesterday was the number of no shows among those who were scheduled to do ministry. Some of them were known for some time, others let us know a day or two before and others, well they just didn't show. But I am so proud of how others stepped up their game to cover this shortfall. Of our normal 6 band members 1 was able to attend, and that was the drummer. That makes for a challenge when it comes to the music side of worship. The worship leader who was filling in, didn't know all of this while planning the service. So he was adjusting on the fly as he arrived. The thought was to just do everything acapella (how do you spell this?). My wife had a CD with background music for several worship songs. They were able to pick out what would work and went for it. The guy running the projectors then had to enter all of these different songs and then run the CD for us. All involved did so without complaining and it went very well. The worship team even came up with an impromptu special number to sing.

Our attendance was much better than anticipated and the atmosphere was really one of being a family. It was so much fun to see and hear the sharing going on before and after the service.

I concluded my Christmas series and this week we looked at the shepherds, my favorite characters of the Christmas event (with the exception of Jesus of course). The theme through this series is looking at the obedience and courage of the characters in the Christmas story. The shepherds had to overcome many fears to be obedient. That is still true for each of us today. Their call was to check out the signs, see the Savior and accept the Good News.

The signs were, and are, all around for all to see. We just need to be paying attention. Paying attention is a key to following Christ. How well are you paying attention to Christ, to His Word and His will? The shepherds overcame their fears and went to see Jesus and tell others about him. Courage is needed to be obedient. This requires you to listen to God and his Word. It requires you to act on his words, Your action is the evidence, or lack thereof, of how well you are listening. Courageous obedience requires you to be looking. You cannot avert your eyes to what God is calling you to see and do. It requires you to share what you hear and see. Following Christ and being selfish are not compatible. It is really interesting to see that obedience amazes those who encounter it. What are people's reactions to how you follow Christ? There is Good News of great joy, do you have it? Are you showing it? Are you sharing it?

Here's hoping you had a great Christmas. When we realize the truth of Christmas and accept it for ourselves then Christmas will be great no matter the circumstances.


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