Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Musings ...

Yesterday was a painful day. The pain was physical. I spent most of Friday and all of Saturday in bed trying to get over a nasty cold. The result, the cold is now a minor issue. The problem was that when I woke up yesterday and attempted to get up there was severe pain. A sharp stabbing pain in my lower back and all the way down my left left and foot. I fell back into bed took some ibuprofen and put the heating pad on high on my back and hip. A couple of hours later I got up, got ready and headed to church. In between my wife called my Associate Pastor and told him to be ready to preach. My cold was much better, my back, hip and leg were another story. I decided I could make it, though my leg and foot were mostly numb. I looked down at my foot as I took steps to make it was going where I wanted it to go. Actually rather amusing if it weren't for the pain.

Worship went well, at least I think it did. I was not a strong participant in the service. Our energy level seemed a bit low for the day. Maybe I set the tone for that, not sure. The message went okay, it was hard for me to really evaluate it because I was trying not to fall down while I preached. The remarks I received from several people indicate that it hit the mark, was understandable and applicable. I can't ask for a whole lot more than that, can I? Our attendance was down a little.

Sunday evening was our third week of our new format with our Sunday School ministries in the evening. The first 2 weeks were way up numerically and in enthusiasm. This week took a small step back in both energy and number, but both were still significantly better than it had been. My class went well, a little more interaction this week. They are getting a little more comfortable with each other and with me. I am really excited about this group and what we are studying. A third of my class are people who were not attending Sunday Sunday before we made the change.

Here's hoping for some feeling in the leg and foot, besides pain. Take some time to encourage someone this week.


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