Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Morning Musings ...

Yesterday was another very good day. Our church served breakfast to 200 runners, plus workers, for a 5K run that raises money for college scholarships for local students. This is the our fourth year of doing this and we do it as a service and to support this very good cause. We have 15 or so people who do this work, we also supply and man a water station along the race route. We cover all the costs of this and really enjoy doing it. I mixed up batter for over 600 pancakes. I think my shoulder is sore this morning. This is always a great time of service.

Worship went well, but it was slim in numbers when we started. People are still adjusting to starting a few minutes earlier and several people we helping clean up from the breakfast served at the high school for the race and couldn't get to church on time. People drifted in and our numbers were respectable when it was all said and done. The slow beginning impacted people's participation but they got warmed up and seemed to get connected as the service went on. We were able to introduce a new baby on her first Sunday at church, she was just born on Wednesday. That is always fun for the church.

The message was from the series on Characters of Faith in Hebrews 11. This week we examined Moses and his faith. I focused on the fact that Moses stood strong in the face of adversity. He sometimes did it after some hesitation and sometimes displayed some shaky faith. However, shaky faith is still faith. He certainly overcame his initial hesitations and shakiness to become a great leader and a picture of faith. He had the advantage of parents who stood strong under pressure, otherwise he wouldn't have even survived. He displayed confidence in God, in God's Word and in God's plan even when he wasn't sure about the plan. How are you holding up in the face of the fires, or pressures, you are facing? A strong foundation, God's Word and dependence on Him, is vital to keep from being knocked down.

Our new format of Sunday School on Sunday evenings was in it's second week yesterday and we had even more in attendance than the first week. It was very encouraging, not just the number but the atmosphere was very good again. My parenting class had several new people in attendance and we had a good time again. Our children and youth were up again and that was the focus of us making this change.

Here's hoping you will have you confidence in the Lord. Here's hoping that you will stand strong no matter what you face this week. Here's hoping you can help hold someone else up in the storm they are facing.


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