Saturday, May 04, 2013

Undivided ...

Undivided is an interesting word. It isn't really used a lot, or at least I don't hear it used a lot. In fact as I sit here typing I can only think of one way in which I usually hear it used. That is when it is connected to the word attention, as in "undivided attention". When we want our hears to listen to us and really focus on what we are about to say we might tell them "I want your undivided attention". The flip side of that is when we want someone to know that we were really listening and focused on something, or someone, we say "I gave it/them my undivided attention".

Is there any other way in which you use "undivided"?

I found another one that should be used a lot more often. I found it in scripture, in Psalm 86:11 "Teach me your way, O Lord, and I will walk in your truth; give me an undivided heart that I may fear your name."

An "undivided heart"is not a normal heart. We usually operate with a very divided heart. We divide our heart, our attention and our affections in many directions.We often operate in this divided state by often "loving" whatever, or whoever, we are with at the moment. While working we love our work, or while participating in a hobby we love that hobby, or when at home we love our family and when at church we love the Lord and at least like our church. The fact is that this way of living leaves us divided. In fact, we usually aren't even momentarily undivided in our attention or affection. We find ourselves thinking of our family while working, or our hobbies while with our families and about everything while at church. We don't even live undivided in short bursts. It seems that we are always looking ahead and beyond our current circumstances.

I am beginning to understand that this is not how Christ desires for me to live. I am to live undivided, with Christ being who has my attention and affection. This translates into Christ being my focus. It means that Christ is not the first among many in my life, but that he is the one. It means making sure I don't operate with a multi-seated throne in my life, but a single-seated throne with Christ alone on it. It means loving my wife and family better because Christ is in control. It means being a better worker because Christ is in control. It means living a life of true joy because there are no divisions in my heart or life.

So how are you living? Is your heart divided? If your heart is divided then so is your life. Imagine what you could do if you lived undivided.


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