Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Love Story continued ...

My buddies wanted to pull a prank on us. So they lifted my keys to our trailer and were going to have people help them do stuff to our trailer. They got a little nervous and asked my Dad if the keys they had were to our trailer. My Dad looked at the keys and said, no those to the place they are going on their honeymoon. We had already left and there were no cell phones … when we stopped at Jody’s parents home to pick something up the phone rang and it was my Dad. He told me he had the keys we needed for the honeymoon and we made arrangements to get them. My Dad saved the day, or actually the next few days.

So we headed out on our honeymoon. The trip was a few hours long (I don’t recommend traveling that far on your wedding day) and we stopped for supper on the way. We arrived at our place in the evening. We pulled up to the place went inside, opened the garage door and drove in. You see we were at my parents home. They were on vacation in Canada and we had the house to ourselves. Remember me saying we didn’t have any money? So my wedding night was spent in my old room. You can insert your own headlines here. Having a whole house to ourselves was actually pretty cool. Naturally my Mom had made sure the fridge and pantry were well stocked. The next day we actually went to church, in the evening. There was a concert taking place at my Dad’s church and Jody wanted to hear the group. So we snuck in a little late and sat in the back.

On Monday we headed to Cincinnati and went to King’s Island. We arrived as they were opening and there was hardly anyone in the park. As a result when we would get off a ride if we liked it we would walk back and be near the front of the line and ride it again. I think we rode the main roller coaster 12 or 13 times among all the other rides as well. Near evening we left King’s Island and drove to Riverfront Stadium. Some friends of my parents had gotten us a parking pass and tickets for some really great seats to see the Reds that night. We drove into a preferred parking spot and then grabbed some food and headed to our seats a little while before the game. We watched a good major league game and then headed back to our honeymoon home. It was a great day and showed who we are for sure.

Tuesday was spent in the Springfield, Ohio area and near the house. Then on Wednesday we headed back to Kankakee and our little trailer. We didn’t get much time off work and didn’t have any more money so it was a short honeymoon. The trailer seemed especially small after having a whole house to ourselves. But it was ours and therefore it was special. I went to work Thursday morning and the real world had now invaded our wedding/just married bubble. That first morning we realized a major difference that we had talked about, or even thought about, before we got married. You see the alarm clock was on my side of the bed and …


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