Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Morning Musings ...

Yesterday was a good day. There was a very good spirit in worship from the beginning. People were very late arriving and many missed the beginning of the service and still the spirit was strong. My wife filled in and led worship. That in itself was an answer to prayer given how she was feeling on Saturday night. We had good attendance again this Sunday, March looks like it may be a good month for our attendance. Our Sunday night small groups are doing very well in the connections taking place and the attendance as well.

Yesterday's message was from Isaiah 40:27-31. Verse 27 asks why we complain, and it is true that most of us seem to complain often. We so often think that God is not paying attention to us and our problems. We all need to look at our complaints. We also need to listen to what God is really saying. Verse 28 confronts this need, "Do you not know? Have you not heard?" Who are you listening to? There is a lot of competing noise and many voices for us to listen to in our world. Tuning into to the wrong source can seriously derail our life. God always speaks clearly, through his Word and his Spirit. He doesn't stutter and he doesn't try to confuse us. He desires for us to hear and follow his Word.

We need to learn that God does not tire out or wear out. We do, he doesn't. So don't live as if you have to reserve God's power and resources. We need to learn that he understands better than we can imagine. We get confused, he does not. We need to learn that God loves to give strength. Who needs the strength? Those who are weary. Do you qualify? God provides power. Who needs the power? Those who are weak. Do you qualify?

Then we need to live it. We need to get unstuck from our spot in the middle. Mark Hall and Casting Crowns has a great song titled "Somewhere in the Middle". Too many of us are living in this middle ground instead on the front edge of God's plan for us. We need to live in hope, and that hope needs to be in the Lord. The Lord is the only true source of hope. Hope does not come from our plans, or our power. We need to live renewed, not just refreshed but really renewed. Complete renewal is possible in Christ. We need to soar as we live. God's design and desire is for you to soar. We are to soar without the worry of conserving our strength. He will provide the strength for us and his strength does not run out. Keep walking in the footsteps of Jesus. You don't need to become faint no matter what you face.

Do you know? You have heard, after all you just read it on this blog. Which of these truths do you need to learn and apply? Are you listening? How then will you live?


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