Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Morning Musings ...

Yesterday was a good day, even though I was not feeling good at all. God did his thing and I did my best to stay out of the way. Maybe I should be feeling poor every Sunday. Our weather has started to warm up, which is encouraging to everyone. Our attendance, though not great, was up considerably from last Sunday. The beginning of our small groups has gotten off to a terrific start now in their third week.

The congregation seemed to get engaged in the music early in the service and not lose steam as we went along. That always helps as you get up to preach. Yesterday was the second in a series "Breaking Bondages". On the surface the two messages in this series were "out of order". Yesterday I basically introduced the whole conception of being bound by things that interfere with our relationship with Christ which would seem to be an intro message. Last week I dealt with the bondage of pornography, but I did in that order to get people's attention and then bring the focus back to the central issue of bondage in general.

We looked at I Corinthians 6:12-20 and Galatians 5:16-26. I reminded them of this fact, it is everywhere. Things that would steal your focus and commitment to Christ are everywhere. Anything that you allow to take away from your sacrificial devotion to following Christ is hurting your relationship with Christ. ANYTHING!!! Also, the Spirit to lead you in breaking bondages and following Christ is everywhere as well. Do you sense the Spirit on a daily, moment by moment or breath by breath basis? We can because the Holy Spirit provided, and available, for us all the time.

We must recognize our tendency to become bound to the wrong things. Anything that is contrary to following Christ is wrong and we need to avoid it, but we have a tendency to be bound by these things. We must recognize that God desires to free us and keep us free from bondage. This is a powerful realization. God wants you to be free from anything that is contrary to him and his will for your life. He loves you, he sent his son Jesus to die for your sins, he desperately wants you to be free. Satan will keep telling you that God doesn't care and can't do anything about whatever is binding you. Satan is a liar. When he lies he is speaking his native language, that is why he sounds so good as he lies. But remember, God loves you, he wants you to be free from this bondage and for you to choose to follow him.

Healing is possible. Did that register with you? Healing is possible. Therefore, crucify your desires that are in conflict with God's desires. You make the choice to do this, but God does the work of it. You need to keep submitting yourself, your family, your friends, your work, your desires, your dreams, and all that you are to Christ and his will. To have healing cry out to God. Not a casual mention of your need to be free, but a gut wrenching cry to God. Look at the Psalms to see this repeatedly, start with Psalm 130. Then confess whatever needs to be confessed. Don't be shy about this, God already knows so don't try to hide junk from him. Look at I John 1:9 for the power of confession. Then follow him and his will. In other words act on it. Live it out. Don't just make a mental agreement, starting living in the freedom that Christ makes available to you. This is not lip service, but really doing the work of following Christ. Be a disciple.

Do you have any areas of bondage? What are they? What are you going to do about them? Remember, healing is possible and God desperately wants you to be free.


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