Monday, February 07, 2011

Monday Morning Musings ...

Yesterday was good in many ways, but very difficult as well. We were missing some of our worship and team and worship band. Our attendance was the lowest it has been for quite a while. It seemed that people did not engage well during the music. It was kind of hit and miss, a couple of songs they connected and a couple of them not at all. I always have trouble trying to figure that out. We had 5 inches, or so, of some come in on Saturday and I imagine some used that as an excuse. I suspect that the topic of my message kept a few away as well.

I began a new sermon series entitled "Breaking Bondages". Yesterday was called Porn Sunday. Hundreds of churches across the country, and more around the world, tackled this "elephant in the pew" yesterday. Pornography is major source of bondage for many, many people both in and out of the church. We used I Corinthians 6:12-20 as our scripture foundation. Porn is everywhere. World-wide it is a $57 billion industry and $12 billion in the United States. Daily pornographic search engine requests are 68 million. The average age of first internet pornographic exposure is 11 years old. (Think about some 9-13 year old children you know, so you can put a face to that statistic.)Of those admitting to accessing pornography at work 20% of men and 13% of women. (Women's use of pornography is growing rapidly.) I could go on but hopefully you get the picture.

We must recognize that pornography addiction can happen to anyone. If you think it can't happen to you are in trouble. Recognize that you are not strong enough to get over this on your own. Get help. We must quit saying and believing that a little porn is okay. We must be accountable, this is one of the best deterrents. Clean it up, make choices to remove the temptations. Quit blaming everything, and everyone, else and make some changes.

Healing is possible. You should only be mastered by Christ, I Corinthians 6:12. Not everything is good or beneficial, even in small doses. Recognize the value of your mind and body. I Corinthians 6:15 and 19. You are literally a temple of the Holy Spirit, don't take that for granted. Flee from sexual immorality, I Corinthians 6:18. Quit messing around in areas you know are tempting. Put filters on the computer, put the computer in an open area, block those channels on the TV and more. Be accountable, get with a group, or a trusted person, who will hold you accountable in the area. Get computer software that monitors your use and sends reports of questionable material to a couple of people. If you are married make sure your spouse is one of these people. Ask for forgiveness and help, from God first and from whomever else you may have hurt. Be in the Word and prayer. This will make a bigger difference than you can imagine. The Center for Bible Engagement discovered an incredible link between the level of Bible reading and immoral behavior. People who read the Bible up to 3 days a week have no significant difference in these behaviors. But when the reading increases to 4 or more days a week the story changes dramatically. The incidence of drunkenness decreased 49%, sex outside of marriage and pornography involvement decreased 51% and gambling decreased 43%.

How is your bondage in this area? What will you do to get free, or remain free? Will you help someone else?


At 8:09 AM, Blogger Rob said...

Amen on all of this. Keep preaching it, my brother...we all need to hear, more than most. :)


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