Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Monday Morning Musings ... on Tuesday

Sunday was Father's Day. That seems to usually be a difficult day at church and this year was for sure. Unfortunately Father's Day is usually a low attendance Sunday, this year our lowest in several weeks. Father's Day is usually a day that many people who serve don't, and this was true again. I don't get the thinking that on Father's Day let's honor Dad by doing anything but worship together. But then my Dad, Grandpa and Great Grandpa all were God first men, I have a very blessed heritage.

Sunday was tough during singing because the atmosphere was very flat. Don't know if it was the lower attendance, or what but it was definitely off. I was touched by the words of our first song in particular as we sang that God's grace is enough. I really needed that reminder on Sunday and it helped get my mind back on track.

The message was "What Are You Stuck On?" from Acts 27:27-44 and we gave a small can of WD-40 to all the fathers. It is easy to get stuck and we usually think of getting stuck as a negative thing. However, there are positive things on which we should be stuck. We examined how to get unstuck when we are stuck on the wrong things. First, evaluate where you are, in verses 27-29, and 39 we see that they evaluated. Of course to evaluate properly you need to know where you should be. Then you need to cut ties to the wrong people, places or things, verse 40. You cannot get to the right place while still tied to the wrong. What do you need to cut out of your life today. Then you must listen to the truth. In verses 31, and 33-36 they listened to the truth Paul had received from God.

To get stuck where you should be also requires listening to the truth. In verses 23-26 Paul heard from God. You also need to get some strength. In this passage they ate some food as well as took in God's Word to be strengthened. For all of us we need to be in the Word, in prayer and serving to be strengthened. We also need to encourage one another. Our exercise is in our service, this is in and out of the church wherever we are at that time. Then we must run straight to God. I love how it is worded in verse 40 that after cutting the anchors loose they raised the sail and "made for the beach". Run to God and his will with as much strength as you have and God will guide and pull you as well. Then you need to jump in and go for it just like they did in verses 43-44. Where are you stuck today?

In the afternoon I took some of our teens to our District campground for the beginning of Senior High camp. I love seeing the excitement and anticipation on the faces of kids going to camp.


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