Friday, April 15, 2011

Necessary and Powerful

Every year we have something called Missions Convention and Assembly. These are annual events on the District in which our church is located. Most denominations have something like with slightly differing names. Often these necessary, but real beneficial events. This year however the necessary became the powerful, meaningful and very beneficial event.

The first service was a great missions service. The music was powerful and very moving. The missionaries who shared were so real and God used them in a powerful way. Than continued into the next morning when the Missions Convention kicked off the "business" portion. The music was not my styler but again the missionaries were so good as they shared. I really liked that he was wearing jeans and she kicked her shoes off when she spoke. They are my kind of people. The reports were very good as well.

That evening was our District's annual Ordination service. There were 8 being ordained and 1 who was beging recognized as they moved from another denomination. The music was not so good but the message was great and the prayers and installations for those being ordained was very meaningful. The only thing that it kept it from being a grand slam was that I had to wear a suit and tie.

The next morning was the business side of our Assembly and that went pretty well. We concluded everything by having a concert of prayer. This was a very powerful time and God really spoke, at least he did to me.

I left this necessary event encouraged and really feeling like I had some things to keep wrestling with which is a good thing. It is not often that I have left District Assembly feeling this way, so I am rejoicing in all that took place at this necessary and powerful event.


At 5:08 PM, Blogger ThisIsMyLife said...

A suit and tie?!?!...really? Wow! I don't think you even wore one of those when you married Brooks and I :)


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